Industry Expert.

Dr. Chappelle received her Ph.D. in pharmacology and toxicology from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia in 1998 and was certified by the American Board of Toxicology in 2001. For over twenty years, her experience in Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs has focused primarily on the chemical and petroleum industry. 

Efficient Support.

Dr. Chappelle knows the organizational dynamics of chemical and personal care companies first-hand. She can step into any company – large or small – and quickly identify the key issue, and work within budget to fix it. Making the technical accessible is her forte, from branding current practices into new health and safety initiatives to ensuring buy in and clear communication to every level of an organization. She works within existing systems but can also utilize other data management tools in order to maximize the return on the compliance investment. 

Stay Current.

The second most cited OSHA violation of 2017 was Hazard Communication. Revised OSHA standards, implemented in 2012, required Safety Data Sheets to be updated using the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), created by the United Nations.

Your business needs a process to routinely review and evaluate raw materials and the final products to stay in compliance. Working with a board certified toxicologist helps to manage these complicated data needs. 

Recognized Expert.

Dr. Chappelle is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in a number of regulatory initiatives.  She has extensive expertise in conducting occupational and product risk assessments, issue management and compliance with regulatory programs such as

  • OSHA HazCom
  • Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act
  •  ASTM D4236

Remain Compliant.

 Compliance is not just about following the rules; it’s about creating safe products, working conditions and factual documents. So rather than just checking items off a list, plans should be developed to anticipate and prepare for regulatory initiatives that can result in non-compliance. 

Big Picture.

Most importantly, she looks at the big picture and determinedly creates sustainable operating procedures so workflow can remain efficient and accurate moving forward.