A variety of career experiences allow for help with:

  •  Small/mid sized companies: Create and implement sustainable standard operating procedures (SOPs) to comply with regulatory initiatives
  • Large organizations: deliver technical expertise within the existing environment & work within current operating procedures
  • Create/provide training for new regulations 
  • Assess occupational exposure and effects of exposure
  • Author Safety Data Sheets, Labels, Product Stewardship Summaries
  • Evaluate endpoints including cancer, birth defects, and other diseases with a possible chemical causation
  • New product development and existing product defense
  • Registration and regulation of imported drugs and chemicals
  • Resolution of US and international regulatory compliance issues
  • Cosmetics and consumer product development
  • Prepare Food Contact Notifications
  • Evaluate pesticide exposure claims
  • Environmental pollutants in soil, water and air
  • Worker’s compensation litigation support
  • Communicate exposure risks to juries, the press and the public
  • Prepare regulatory submissions
  • Monitor contracted studies
  • Serve on expert panels
  • Epidemiological evaluations and data interpretation
  • Toxicological Risk Assessments (TRAs) for ASTM D4236 

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